An Extensive Transition Programme

Ensuring a smooth transition from primary school to Knutsford Academy is really important to us. We work closely with a large number of local schools so when our students start in Year 7 they have a good understanding of the Academy, recognise teachers, are getting to know their new friends and know their way around the school.

The transition programme includes a number of days held here at the Academy this includes:

Literacy Day – Spending a day as a journalist and budding reporter

Numeracy Day – Maths based games including Mathsopoly

Teambuilding Day – A number of team building outdoor based activities

Induction Day – Meet your new form tutor, attend an assembly and a sample lesson

Together with the Academy days, once our new students have started here at the Academy in September 2017 there will be a two day residential with a number of watersports and outdoor activities. This will be a great opportunity to have some fun and make even more new friends. The residential will be held during their first half term.