Each subject at KS 3 has an identified range of content and skills (learning objectives) which are classified for each Year in terms of demand using the categories Emerging, Developing, Secure and Mastered. The minimum expectation for most students is that they perform well against the objectives identified in the Secure category. Students that perform well against the learning objectives in the Mastered category are likely to be performing above expectations.

In Year 7 and 8 progress is assessed using the system described above with the quality of the student’s work being judged also using the grades Emerging, Developing, Secure and Mastered. Students in Year 9 are assessed using National Curriculum levels. End of Year examinations will also inform progress judgements.

Half-termly reports will be provided which will give feedback on current progress related to target grade as well as effort and behaviour. Target grades are given in the form of a likely GCSE grade.


The Parent App gives you access to data about your child and their progress. The reports that we provide are published each half-term on the Parent App with students receiving a paper copy.

Progress against target grade is reported using three descriptors:

  1. Above Target 
  2. On Target 
  3. Below Target

When reporting on their behaviour and effort, a four point scale will be used as follows:

  1. Excellent
  2. Good
  3. Satisfactory
  4. Unsatisfactory

Following the completion of the reports, form tutors, Heads of Year and KS3 Heads of Subject will identify students showing significant cause for concern, gather information and take appropriate action.


Please find attached a link to the homework timetables with details of what homework pupils, parents and carers can expect from subjects over each fortnight. Creative and Performance subjects may also set homework on a fortnightly basis. Please note the setting differences within the timetables.

Click here to open homework timetables