Further details are available below on the subjects available in the Languages Faculty for Knutsford School.

Course Summary

Students will study two of the three language subjects, the selection is driven by what languages were studied at primary school.

In Year 7 the curriculum covers four key areas, these are: 

  1. Yourself (likes, dislikes, appearance)
  2. School (subjects, daily routine, schools in France / Spain)
  3. Free time (new technology, sports)
  4. Your town (weekend plans, what there is in your town, directions)

Did you know that…

Only 5.6% of the world’s population speaks English as a primary language, English is not enough!!

In Year 8 all students will continue to study two foreign languages, the languages follow a similar format in terms of the subjects covered across the three terms which are as follows:

Term 1

  • Sports
  • What you like doing
  • Hobbies
  • Favourite things
  • How often you do things
  • Arranging to go out
  • Adventure sports centre

Term 2

  • Saying where you live
  • What you do in different rooms
  • Describing your room
  • What there is in your room
  • Where things are
  • Opinions of your room

Term 3

  • Towns & cities
  • Weather
  • What there is in a town
  • Transport
  • Directions
  • Buying food & drink
  • Plans for summer holidays

In Year 9 students will continue to study two foreign languages in which the following topics will be covered:

Term 1

  • What you do at different times of year
  • Where you went in the holidays
  • Places to stay
  • What you did at the weekend
  • Talking about a winter holiday

Term 2

  • Types of TV programme
  • Saying what you do after school
  • Interview with a sports person
  • Talking about an after school trip

Term 3

  • Accepting & turning down invitations
  • Talking about what you will wear
  • Talking about a party you have been to
  • Daily routine
  • Talking about problems